How Can People Prepare For Allergy Testing With the Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN?

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Allergy Doctor

Allergy testing is sometimes necessary when a person’s allergy symptoms are severe and interfering with their daily life. Knowing the allergens one is allergic to can help them to avoid allergy attacks and receive the proper treatment to control their symptoms. Being prepared for the testing procedure is crucial because there are certain steps one will need to take to ensure the testing provides accurate results. This information will help to prepare people for their appointment with the allergy doctor in Evansville IN.

     *     There are certain medications that can cause inaccurate results in allergy testing. It is especially important for one to go over the medications they take (both prescription and non-prescription) to ensure they can continue to take their medications. Antihistamines will need to be avoided for two weeks before the testing takes place to ensure the reactions are not prevented in testing.

     *     Some people are nervous about allergy testing because they are fearful it will be painful. Most people do not feel any pain from testing, but they can experience irritation and itching during the procedure. It is crucial one informs their doctor if they begin to have difficulty breathing, tongue swelling, or feelings of dizziness. Allergy testing is done in a controlled way so as to reduce life-threatening reactions.

During testing, the allergy doctor will first test for a histamine reaction to ensure the patient will react properly to testing. If a person does not react to histamine, it will be impossible for them to be properly tested because they will not show a skin reaction to any of the allergens. They will also test for a glycerin or saline reaction since these substances are mixed with the allergens to produce a liquid that can be used for testing.

Testing is done through the scratch method or lancets. This places a small amount of each allergen into the skin so the reaction can be observed. A positive result will show with redness and swell in the area.

If you are interested in receiving allergy testing from the allergy doctor in Evansville IN, contact Dr. Smith Allergy doctor. With allergy testing, you can better control your allergy symptoms and live a more normal life.

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