Incorporating Panel Mount LCD Screens in Your Business

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Business

A panel mount LCD screen is a worthwhile addition to nearly every industry. Almost every office building or professional space uses at least one screen for displaying information. As technology improves, more business communications and transactions take place in the digital arena. A screen is a vital addition to conference rooms, building lobbies, scientific laboratories, and numerous other areas. Monitors come in a variety of sizes, and those incorporating LCD technology offer unparalleled picture and clarity. Some of the newer models also have touchscreen or video playback features.

Variety of Installation Options

Many businesses incorporate LCD screens in their buildings or kiosks. You can insert panel mount LCD screens right into both internal and external walls, and even install them so they are flush with the surrounding surface. Screens that are responsive to touch are useful in a variety of applications, like ATMs or self-checkout kiosks. There are screens designed exclusively for use outdoors that incorporate backlighting so they’re visible even in bright sunlight. Panel mount screens have a flat front finish, with controls located in the back or side of the screen. This means that installers or technicians can access the controls but the users cannot, which is a very desirable security feature.

Restaurants, especially in places such as food courts, can display rotating menus or daily specials. They can also incorporate the screens in the kitchen, allowing chefs to see incoming orders or other notes from servers in the front end of the restaurant. Museums are incorporating screens into their galleries to display information about the artists. Some places even use the LCD screens as interactive pieces of science exhibits. Scientific instrumentation equipment often displays information on a panel mounted LCD. Screens are also very common in aviation simulators.

Finding Quality Products

When you decide to use an LCD screen in your product or place of business, you need to be sure you’re getting the best one available. This is a specialized product, and you can’t usually find a good selection in your local electronics retail store. However, there are several online retailers that supply LCD screens in a variety of sizes. Size isn’t the only factor in choosing the right screen. You’ll need to decide if you need a screen with a video input option or a TV channel tuner. You may need a touchscreen option if you will be installing them in a location that allows customer interaction. If you aren’t sure exactly which LCD will best meet your needs, you can contact the retailer. Most good online stores have customer service agents who are familiar with all the options and can help you choose the exact panel mount LCD that fits all your requirements.

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