Iron-On Advantages – Why More Businesses are Choosing Heat Transfers for Their Apparel

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Business

Custom t-shirts and other apparel merchandise are a popular choice for both marketing and team building. In advertising, t-shirts are by far the most prevalent choice for businesses when finding a promotional giveaway solution. The technique of traditional screen printing can be a huge investment however, and lead to a slim return if customers do not respond positively. As a result, many businesses have considered iron-on transfers as an affordable alternative.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Heat transfers from decades ago came with some major issues, which is why many steered away from using this technique once these issues became widely known. Some of the issues included fading, peeling, cracking and a generally short lifespan for images transferred onto cloth, with an uncomfortable feel when wearing the garments with these designs.

Today’s transfers boast an entirely new experience though. Redesigned in recent years from the ground up, modern iron-on transfers are more comfortable, durable and crisp than ever before. Companies specializing in these products offer multiple options to match any budget, including products designed to feel just as soft as traditional screen printing does. Customers can enjoy customized content at a great price without sacrificing quality!

See the Savings Add Up

Though ordering any promotional material will naturally incur costs, it is always best to minimize these costs where possible in business. The difference in price between comparing traditional screen printed garments with shirts and other items using iron-on transfers is stark, making the decision between the two pretty simple math – you end up saving nearly 75% by choosing heat transfers over traditional printing methods!

There is also an added bonus to choosing heat transfers that is not available with traditional screen printing, one that makes the savings even more impressive. With iron-on transfers, you can place the image or text anywhere on the garment, and on many different materials, making more than just t-shirts possible. Whether you want beautiful bags or clothing with character, there are many reasons to choose heat transfers for your custom merchandise needs!

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