Effective Tips for Trailer Storage

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Storage

If you have recently stored or you’re looking for trailer storage in Cleveland, Ohio there are a few things you should do beforehand. The following tips will help you prevent damages and outrageous fees that could affect both your trailer and your pockets.

Close the Seals

Before you place your rig into a Cleveland, Ohio storage ground, wash it and wax it down. This type of care is important because it acts as a protector from sun damage, as well as keeps dirt and debris from building up.

Shut the Blinds

You want to make sure that your trailer storage won’t suffer from mold growth. Why? Because mold buildup is a common problem that many people tend to face at some point. You can avoid this by placing waterproof material inside of the trailer and making sure that moisture does not have access to surface inside of the van. Remember, if moisture sits for long periods of time, it is a perfect environment for mold creation.

Keep Out the Pests

Rodents and bugs can do more damage inside of your trailer storage. Spiders and cobwebs can get inside and other bugs can leave nests on the seats and floors. Regardless of whether or not food or crumbs are found, rodents will try to make their home in your trailer during the colder or warmer seasons. Close off any and all external openings, place pesticides in your van, and set traps down to keep out or kill rodents and bugs that intrude.

These tips should keep your trailer in tip-top shape while it is in a Cleveland, Ohio storage unit.

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