New York-Based Industrial Exhaust Fan Supplier Keeps Air Clean

by | May 24, 2021 | Air Distribution : Mechanical

Shops and warehouses that lack an HVAC system can become very hazardous environments because of the lack of air circulation. The lack of insulation means air gets trapped along with the dust and all of the other particles, making it difficult for employees to work in the space. Adding an industrial exhaust fan is recommended for centers where dust collection and/or air distribution is of necessity.

Roof fans, industrial exhaust fans, and air washer units are all a part of the ventilation system and each plays a vital role in the cleaning of the air. Motorized fans rely on high-efficiency exhaust fan blades and a three-phase electric motor. Safety guards placed at the top and bottom of the structure help protect technicians and inspectors from harm while making sure the housing stays together when the fan is in motion.

The fan is ultimately responsible for pushing the hot, stale air out of the facility; and the air ducts, which are more than likely hooked up to air washers sitting along the wall on the outside of the building push fresh air from the outside back into the facility. In a nutshell, hot air is replaced with cooled air, keeping everyone in the workplace safe and free from allergic reactions.

They can run using 115-volt motors and come powder coat finished; they are made to withstand the test of time. Want OSHA-approved industrial exhaust equipment? Reach out to Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co at their website: as soon as possible.

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