How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Window Cleaners

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Cleaning

You’ve decided to hire window cleaners to whip your windows into shape and get rid of grime and dirt that’s gathered there for years. Make sure to prepare your home, though. Do the following before your window cleaning service in Danville gets to your door:

Get rid of the clutter

If you have people coming in to clean your windows, you’ll want them to make the best use of their time. If they have to clean up the clutter of Lego blocks, books or bottles on the windowsill, that’s going to cut into their time. Clear the windowsills, says Cleanipedia. This would allow them to get started on the work right away.

Set aside fragile items

If the cleaning crew must tiptoe their way around to get to those windows, that’s certainly going to slow them down. You might want to set aside any fragile items that might be bumped along the way or could possibly get damaged so your cleaners can get to work without any worries.

Make access easy

Clear the area around your windows, if possible. A clear path from the door to the windows should make things easier for that window cleaning service in Danville. That also means they can get the job done that much faster.

Protect your furniture

If this is the first time you’re hiring a service and your windows haven’t been cleaned in years, there’s going to be a lot of dust and dirt coming off. You’ll want to protect your furniture. Cover them up with cloth so you won’t have to worry if the cleaning gets a bit messy.

With pros, you get clean, shiny windows with none of the stress and hassle that usually come with doing the work yourself. Follow these tips and make it easy for your cleaning crew to get the job done.

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