Staying Safe in the Water While Using Inflatables

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Water Sports

From slides to bounce houses, there are several inflatables that you can enjoy in the water. When you’re using these items, there are some safety tips to keep in mind so that no one gets hurt and so that the inflatables aren’t damaged.

Sharp Objects

No one should take sharp objects on water inflatables. Even if they are kept in a pocket or in a small case, they could come out and puncture the inflatable. A small puncture could easily turn into one that’s large in size, resulting in the inflatable deflating and those who are on it getting injured.

Air Pressure

Although you want the inflatable that you’re using to have enough air in it to support the weight of those on it, you don’t want to add too much air. If there’s too much air inside the inflatable, then it could begin to tear at the seams and could possibly explode, especially if there are several people on it at one time jumping up and down. There is usually a valve on most inflatables that will tell you how much air is inside so that you avoid this issue.


While people are using the inflatable, they should obey all of the rules that are set forth by the owner or by the host of the event. There should be no running on the inflatable and no excessive jumping unless the water inflatables used are designed for this activity. Make sure only those who are of a proper age to understand how to safely use the inflatable are on the item as well.

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