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The Advantage of Stick-On Clothing Labels

You have a lot of options when you’re looking for labels for clothes. One thing you will need to consider is the type of application method they use. You can buy iron-on, sew-in, and stick-on clothing labels to meet your needs. However, stick-on labels offer some advantages over other options.

A Better Level of Comfort

Stick-on clothing labels offer a higher level of comfort than many other options. Iron-on labels can feel stiff and bother your child when they wear their clothes. Sew-in labels have a similar problem, compounded by the thread you use to sew them. With stick-on labels, the material is more flexible and moves with the clothing, offering a more comfortable experience.

Highly Durable

Many parents choose stick-on clothing labels because they are highly durable. When you choose a company that uses the best ink and materials to print out their labels, you can enjoy vibrant, beautiful colors that last, no matter how many times you wash the clothes. These labels also won’t peel away from the clothes or crack, making them feel more uncomfortable.

Flexibility of Uses

Stick-on clothing labels can also give you more flexibility with how you use them. While they’re designed for clothing, they can often be used on other items for a consistent look that will help your child identify the items that belong to them. Because the labels simply stick in place like a sticker, you can apply them to hard surfaces as well.

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