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How to Use Kid’s Clothing Labels WithSafety in Mind

Using clothing labels on your kid’s clothes is a great idea. It can be helpful to keep them from getting lost at school or daycare facilities. It is essential to find the perfect balance between making their items easy to identify and protecting their privacy. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe while labeling their clothes.

Label Items Discreetly

Avoid labeling the outside of items like jackets and backpacks. The child’s name or nickname shouldn’t be prominently visible. As a parent, you don’t want their names to be seen. Put them where they can be easily found if someone was trying to see who the item belongs to, but not where a stranger or predator could easily see it.

Label Non-Removable Areas

Place clothing labels on kids’ clothes in areas that cannot be easily removed. A good place is inside the brand label. Make sure they are in a location on kids’ clothes where they can’t be cut out easily. There are plenty of discreet areas to place kids’ clothing labels. Using high-quality labels is better than permanent markers that can bleed through thinner items. A permanent market can ruin good clothes.

Be Creative

Be creative and find ways to identify your children’s possessions. You may choose a different colored label for each child, so you can quickly identify the owner of each item. Inform teachers, preschool instructors, family members, and friends. When you order stick-on labels, use colors, symbols, or graphics that mean something to your family.

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