The Versatile and Durable Regular Slotted Corrugated Box in Pembroke, GA

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

The most widely-used and popular type of shipping material is the regular slotted corrugated box. It offers a sturdy and efficient structure for multiple types of storage and shipping needs.

Defining Characteristics of an RSC

Regular slotted containers, also known as RSCs, are characterized by box flaps of equal length. The key benefit is that all flaps meet in the center, even if the box has an unequal length and width. This is achieved by making every flap length 1/2 the distance of its respective side on the box.

What Makes It So Popular?

Although efficiency is the foremost feature in regular slotted containers, there are some additional benefits that add to their popularity:

• They’re manufactured with over 98-percent recycled box material.

• They’re customizable with extra padding and protection.

• Box width, length and depth can be customized.

• RSCs are a common and ideal storing medium for electronics and other consumer products.

• Box-design specialists can use leading–edge technology to fashion precision box solutions.

• Due to their popularity, RSCs are typically on hand in large quantities in company stock.

Widely Adopted

Their high level of utility due to the corrugated cardboard design ensures commodities have safe transport all over the world. Boxes made by a dedicated manufacturer of high-quality products can be used multiple times and recycled afterward.

High Quality RSC Manufacturing

Every product and shipping application from moves to file storage and home-use consumer electronics depends on the high-quality, durable and versatile products made by manufacturers with decades in the industry. Contact Express Packaging at 912-653-2800 or visit today.

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