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Custom Corrugated Boxes Don’t Cost as Much as You Think They Would

Custom corrugated boxes aren’t as hard to find as they used to be. So, if you’re running a company with lots of stuff to ship, consider their benefits. Since you can order them in any shape, fitting products into them is always easy.

Simply slide whatever you’re shipping in there, and close it up using the tabs. Once they’ve connected, they’ll hold everything together, safe and sound. Even a bumpy road won’t unbox the stuff you’ve shipped, preserving it for the customer.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

If you’ve never ordered custom boxes, they’re available in several styles. For example, you could try out one of the overlapped boxes. Since the flaps on it overlap with each other, it’s sturdier than others. An overlap slotted box will be perfect if you have something heavy to send. Thanks to its durable design, packing it in there won’t be too hard.

Another option would be the half-slotted container. Manufacturers don’t use as much material when making them, lowering their cost. So, they may have a better price if costs are running high at your company. Switching to them might cut down how much you’re spending monthly as a result.

Don’t forget to test product dimensions before placing an order. Sometimes, it makes sense to use a rectangular box if your products are shaped similarly. By using something with a similar shape, there’s less wasted material. As such, it’s better for the environment and your monthly budget.

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