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Three Tankless Water Heater Challenges and Their Solutions

A tankless water heater’s design heats water on command. There is no hot water reservoir, so the heaters heat water directly in the pipes while directing it to the faucets. This system is more compact and energy efficient than other models, but it is not without its challenges.

  1. Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure and intermittent water loss are common problems in tankless water heater installations. Insufficient water pressure often links to low gas pressure. If there is too little energy to heat a large amount of water, the heater pumps less, aiming to meet the right temperature.


  • Check the gas valve and contact the supplier company to inquire if there are gas pressure problems.
  • If the gas pressure is fine, have a plumber check the pipes for leakages, clogs, or sediment buildup.
  • Check the main water valves in case the shut-off valve is half-closed.
  1. Ignition Challenges

Sometimes the heater does not turn on or warm the water. In this case, the culprit is often an insufficient supply of gas, electricity, or water.


  • Check the fuel source for gas levels, valve blockages, or whether the heater is disconnected.
  • If the fuel source is fine, check whether the water valves are fully open.
  • Finally, call a plumber to check the ignition pack if nothing else works.
  1. Insufficient Heating

A tankless water heater installation provides instant hot water. Yet sometimes, the system cannot meet the hot water demand if, say, the shower and dishwasher are both running.


  • Reduce the amount of running water.


  • Check the water pipe insulation and use wall insulation, pipe wraps, faucet covers, or insulation jackets, especially in the winter.
  • Rotate the tape head as far as possible for sufficient water flow.
  • Check the flame rod for breakdowns.
  • Clean the burner, check the gas supply and remove obstructions in the pipe duct.

The tankless water heater challenges seem simple enough to fix in-house. However, they require knowledge of valve management and basic wiring. Therefore, call a plumber in Phoenix, Arizona,when unsure of the solutions.

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