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4 Tips Before You Buy a Used Car at a Dealership

Buying a used car saves you money. With enough research, you can find rides in mint condition, so you won’t need to pay the total sticker price. Here’s how to pick a car that won’t put you in debt.

Get Preapproved

Before you visit a dealer’s lot and look at the used cars for sale in Mesa, Arizona,get your loan preapproved. Knowing your budget will set the price range for your vehicle, so you can quickly eliminate options beyond that range.

Keep It Simple

The dealership might get you to sign up for additional deals and promos. Assess each offer carefully. Don’t needlessly say yes to anything before you’ve done your research and if there’s no time to do that, say no. Buying add-ons can lead to huge bills, so don’t, not until you assess the offer and do your homework.

Talk About the Car First

When you get to the dealership and they ask you if you plan to trade in your car later, don’t answer that question. Keep the focus on you buying a car. Do it one at a time. Even if you plan to do a trade-in later, it’s best that you don’t mention it. Otherwise, some dealers may try to boost the interest rate, so they can make extra money off you or even lowball you when you finally do the trade-in.

Check for Damage

Are there any signs of visible damage when you perform a visual check? A few scratches shouldn’t affect the engine, though. However, is the car well-maintained? Or are the seats dirty and full of trash? That could indicate how the dealership takes care of its inventory, so if it leaves much to be desired, shop elsewhere. Find better options. However, the cars are in good condition, even if they aren’t brand new, that’s a good sign.

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