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Tips For Using Lighting Design In Brisbane For Your Event

Most people don’t realise that lighting design in Brisbane can do more than light up a room. It can infuse energy, quiet the crowd, highlight certain aspects, provide ambiance, add to the décor and create focus, all with just some strategically placed lights. Most company owners don’t use lights to its fullest extent when planning their event. They’ve got seemingly endless things to consider, and don’t think that lights are all that necessary. However, if you choose Solution Red for your needs, they’ll be able to do all the planning, setting up, and other things necessary to ensure that your event is a success.

Types Of Lights

If you’re like many, you don’t consider all the various lighting design options in Brisbane. However, you’ve got the welcome light, meet-and-greet options, décor, quiet lighting, stage lights, follow-spot needs, and much more to consider.

Welcome Light

Most people want to start wowing their guests before they even get inside the venue. Consider lining the walkway outside with luminaries, consider lighting the outside of the venue with your organisation’s logo, or something else noteworthy.


During the time when everyone is mingling, softer, gentle light can be helpful. This also works well in foyers, so guests aren’t blinded when they walk in. However, you still want to ensure that people can see well enough to recognise others.


Stage lighting is essential, as well. For one thing, the design you choose for the Brisbane event will help others determine what is going to happen. Bright, dazzling lights could mean a show while more demure lighting can suggest that they will be thinking about things.

Likewise, you can use various colours to create light cues for spokespeople. If video or projectors are used, you’ll want to dim the lights so that people can see what’s on the screen.