Why Move To A Dedicated Server In Germany

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Business

If you are a smaller company doing business throughout Europe, even if you are based outside of Europe, it may make sense to move from your current hosting service to a dedicated server in Germany.

Not all hosting services offer dedicated server options and some are strictly shared server providers. Additionally, within those offering the dedicated servers, there will be different prices, different levels of management offered and various levels of tech support and features.

Making a move from a shared server to a dedicated server is often confusing for a company. It is more costly, but there are considerable benefits for a company that can easily offset the costs. To help you decide, here are some signs or red flags that your website as reached the point where moving from a shared server is in your best interest.

Waiting For Upgrades

If your business is moving faster than your hosting service and there are frequent delays in deploying new software because the host is not upgrading your server, consider switching to the dedicated option.

As you have full administrative control, you don’t have to wait for the hosting service. Even if you use a managed host, you will find the upgrades are completed quickly and as they are available, particularly if you choose a top hosting company.

Performance Lags

While there are many different issues that can slow down a website, poor performance not related to website issues is often a sign of an overloaded server. This is particularly evident at peak use times where the server may not be able to keep up with demand.

Security is another very critical reason for a company in Germany or in another country to move to a dedicated option from a shared server. Without anyone else on the server, you have full control over the security and no risk of problems with security lapses from other users.

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