Moving to a Home With an Oil Furnace Requires Learning About Heating Oil Prices in Mystic, CT

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Oil and Gas

The northeastern United States still has a large number of homes with oil furnaces compared with other parts of the country. As natural gas increasingly becomes available there, some homeowners switch when it’s time to buy a new furnace. Others prefer oil heat and don’t want to change. When people buy a house that had a new oil furnace installed relatively recently, they probably don’t want to replace the furnace even if they are accustomed to natural gas for heat and appliances. They’ll need to learn about fluctuating Heating Oil Prices in Mystic CT and decide what to do about an oven and range top.

People typically have an electric oven and range when they heat the house with oil from a service such as Andersen Oil Company. Some individuals, however, greatly prefer cooking with gas. They feel they have better and more rapid control over the heat. If the home is located within or near a municipality, it may be possible to have the utility company run a natural gas line to the house for free just for this appliance if the house is located close enough to the utility line. Having a conversion to natural gas done for any part of the house sometimes is expensive, but it depends on the utility company’s policies. Utilities want new customers so they may offer substantial discounts to encourage people to sign up.

Another option would be to have a propane stove installed. This is essentially the same as a natural gas stove except it runs on liquid propane gas from a tank in the yard. In some cases, this may be a more cost-effective option. Homeowners must learn whether these tanks are allowed in the area they live, as certain neighborhoods and municipalities may prohibit them. They are generally always allowed in rural areas.

If the house already has an electric oven and stove top, the new homeowners might try using it for a while and see whether they can accept cooking with electric heat. In the meantime, they’ll have several years to decide whether they want to convert the entire heating system to gas. They can continue to monitor Heating Oil Prices in Mystic CT as well as gas prices during that time. Interested homeowners may read full info here.

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