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Why Heating Oil in Norwich, CT Provides a Better Energy Solution

Heating your home today can be done with more efficiency, thanks to fuels such as oil. Oil not only supplies a safer form of heat but it can be used with other energy-saving products to substantially reduce what you pay for fall and winter heating.

Save More Energy

When you review of advantages of using heating oil in Norwich, CT, you will find that the fuel provides the best way to keep your home heated while saving you money. This form of fuel can save you on energy costs when combined with cost-saving installations such as insulation and energy-saving windows and doors.

Install Double-Glazed Windows and Blinds

When your home lacks insulation, it needs more energy to keep it comfortable. That is why you need to insulate your home to can take advantage of the lowest heating oil costs. Add insulation to the attic and install windows with double-glazed panes. Also, add window treatments such as blinds that control the amount of natural light.

Compact Designs Conserve Fuel

When taking a look at heating oil costs and energy-saving upgrades, you also have to consider your home’s design. For example, a compact home requires less energy for heating than a ranch house design. Homes that feature expansive walls make it easier for the heat to escape. Therefore, two homes of the same square footage with different designs can use more and less heat, depending on whether they are spread out or feature more than one story.

Also, you need to consider the climate. Living in the Northeast in the winter means that you will experience a major difference in the indoor air and ambient air, which causes a furnace to run harder. That is why you need to make sure you use the lowest cost fuel available in your area. Oil offers an answer in this respect. Take a look at today and schedule regular deliveries.