Reasons for Professional Income Tax Preparation in Manhattan

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Accounting

The tax filing season started on January 23 this year. It can be tempting to save money through self-preparation of taxes, but it’s really only effective for those with simple returns. While the DIY tax industry continues to grow, there are still compelling reasons to hire a pro for Income Tax preparation in Manhattan.

Complex Tax Situations

If the filer’s return is simple, they may be able to file their own taxes. Generally, if a person’s only income is wages listed on a W2 and they don’t have children or business expenses, self-prep is acceptable. However, if any of the above situations apply, the filer should consider hiring a tax preparer.

Avoiding Wasting Money and Time

Whether the return is complex or simple, those who file their own taxes are always at risk of making a big mistake. Tax preparers often fix DIY mistakes, where filers not only owe the preparer, they may owe the IRS thousands of dollars.

Tax Laws are Complicated

There’s a good reason why the pros charge upwards of $75 per hour for Income Tax preparation in Manhattan: America’s tax code is complex, and it changes each year. These changes can make it hard for those trying to file taxes without help. However, tax preparers take continuing education courses to stay on top of yearly changes to the tax code.

Getting Personalized Advice

Even if a filer has a relatively simple return, it may be to their benefit to hiring a professional. Those switching jobs, buying houses or planning to make investments can plan ahead with the help of a tax preparation expert. For instance, taxpayers with simple returns may not understand the advantages of a 401(k) plan. However, a preparer can show the filer the difference in what the return may look like, and they can point out the following tax year’s benefits.

While preparing one’s own taxes may provide a short-term financial advantage, it takes just one mistake to make it impractical. By hiring an expert with , area taxpayers can get the specialized assistance and advice they need to make sense of this year’s taxes.

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