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The Best Ingredients for the Best Outdoor Pizza

A homemade pizza, cooked in an outdoor pizza oven, is one of the best meals on earth. Cooking pizzas in an outdoor pizza oven are simple once you learn how.

Making the best pizzas in an outdoor oven requires choosing the right ingredients and knowing how to cook in the oven itself. Here are some tips to help you make the best pizza ever.

  • Make homemade crust. Learn to make a perfect pizza crust. Experiment with different kinds of flour until you find the mixture that works best for you, allowing you to handle the crust just enough for perfect texture. Many pizza makers recommend mixing low gluten flour with all-purpose flour to create a dough that has the right amount of elasticity.
  • Use fresh vegetables. Fresh chopped tomatoes and other fresh vegetables are the perfect accompaniments to a homemade dough. Fresh vegetables retain the bulk of their nutrients when cooked quickly in a high-temperature pizza oven.
  • Don’t overcook meats. When using meats like sausage, it’s important to pre-cook, since the pizza will only stay in the oven for about 3 minutes. This ensures the meat will be completely cooked when the pizza is ready. Pay close attention to how the meat is cooking to ensure it is neither over nor underdone.
  • Use good cheese. High-quality cheese takes your pizza to the next level, so this is not the place to scrimp. Choose cheese you would enjoy eating on its own for making homemade pizza.

Using these tips, it should be easy to create a masterpiece in your new pizza oven. A simple, homemade pizza is one of the best meals to share with family and friends. When made in an outdoor pizza oven, it also creates one of the best evenings to share, too.