Moving to Oman?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Hotel

Expats who are moving to Oman ought to prepare themselves for a culturally and financially rewarding experience. Oman emerged as the major economic player inside the Gulf area, and includes a prime instance of what might be accomplished as petrodollars are smartly invested within the country’s infrastructure.

This country is a gentle presentation to the Middle East: it’s among the most stable, safest countries within the Gulf region, and envy of and example to most of its neighbors.

Oman took massive measures over the last three decades toward becoming a cosmopolitan, modern state. The U.N. Development Programme, in 2010, singled out this country (from a list of 135) as the globe’s most improved country over the last 40 years.

Over 1/4 of Oman’s population include expats, and even though the government has plans to lessen this reliance upon foreign labor via more stringent work visa laws, for now, opportunities for jobs for talented expats still abound, and ought to be taken advantage of as the going still is good.

Expats a little hesitant to make a move may draw encouragement from the numerous expats residing in Oman (and different support groups those people have set up for new arrivals), and the promise of low taxes and high salaries. Together with an affordable cost of living, as well as Omani employers’ penchant for offering appealing expat salary packages, it’ll make financial sense for talented expats to search for employment inside Oman.

Even the expats who are discouraged by the thought of relocating to the desert for one year – maybe picturing a depressing, desolate, and barren landscape – will be shocked by Oman’s intriguing geography. The little state upon the Arabian Peninsula’s southeastern shores showcases 1,700km of sunny coastline, and wadis (dry desert riverbeds), lush banana and coconut plantations, frankincense trees and terraced rose plantations, iconic white sand dunes, and rocky, austere outcrops.

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