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Understanding the Percentage Fee for a Local Bail Bondsman in Mesa, AZ

After an arrest has taken place and bail is determined, that person must stay behind bars until bail is paid or a surety bond is provided. The defendant may remember hearing information about the court only requiring 10% of the amount, but this is a misconception. That percentage figure is associated with bail bonds offered by a local bondsman in Mesa, AZ.

Options for Release

Courts accept the full amount in cash and also typically accept collateral. That might be real estate or a car. Unfortunately, many defendants don’t own a home or land. They also don’t own a vehicle equal to the cash bail. Another possibility is a bail bond from a local bondsman in Mesa, AZ, but these individuals must understand how the fee structure works.

Refundable Bail

The court always returns cash bail if the defendant appears for all scheduled dates and does not get into further legal trouble after release from jail. It does not matter if the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty in court.

Paying for a Service

When a defendant is released with help from a bonding agency, a licensed organization has provided a bond to the jail in lieu of cash. Each state sets rates for service fees charged by these agencies. In Arizona, that rate is 10% of the cash bail. Because this pays for a service, the money is not refunded. The service is a fast way for men and women to secure release from jail instead of having to wait until their case ends.