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How to Reach Your Target Customer when you Advertise on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the many new streaming services that has popped up over the past few years. But unlike many of the other competitors in the market, Pluto TV can boast that it’s free. With this nonexistent price point, Pluto TV has amassed over 54 million subscribers with its unique channels and offerings. Pluto TV’s success with consumers has made them an equally appealing prospect for advertisers with the ability to serve ads targeted to specific demographics and areas.

Like other streaming platforms available on Connected TV, Pluto TV offers alternative to traditional TV advertising by offering commercial placements targeted directly to consumer demographics that you choose. When you advertise on Pluto TV you no longer need to be reliant on TV programming schedules and availability for good placement. Pluto TV offers a wide variety of inventory that can be tailored to match your target customer description and geographical area. For instance, if you own a furniture company in the Midwest; You can reach your target customer on Pluto TV by serving ads only to viewers who own a home and live near your business.

Not only can you serve ads to your target audience one whatever channel or program they’re watching, but Pluto TV also offers non-skippable ad placement. This ensures your ads are seen and offers time to leave a lasting impact by keeping your audience engaged for as long as possible. When you combine this with targeted ad placement, you’re ensuring that you reach your prospective customers in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. To learn more about advertising on Pluto TV and explore other Connected TV options, get in contact with the experts at Awarity today.