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Farming Equipment: 3 Considerations for Cotton Round Moving Jobs

There are only a couple of pieces of equipment needed to move a cotton bale from this location to the next. However, the wise worker will consider the full project before finalizing any equipment selections. Here are three considerations for managing your task.

A Known, Good Path

From the starting point to the end, it is always wisest to have a relatively clear path for transport. A good tractor operator can easily overcome minor concerns like uneven terrain. However, walking the path once before driving it can reveal previously hidden or difficult to see challenges. Using one or more tall red flags to mark areas to avoid is a solid way to remind current or subsequent operators of the best path to use during the work.

A Workhorse Tractor

It should come as no surprise that you will need to get the best tractor you can if you want to do farm work. After all, no one wants to get caught out in high cotton with a low riding tractor. A good workhorse machine is best. Its specifications should will allow the optimal mover connections. High horsepower might not be a strict necessary based on the job at hand. Understand the current job. However, plan for subsequent jobs based on a slow, medium or high growth models.

A Strong Cotton Round Mover

Finally, select the best possible features for your cotton round mover. Depending on bale size, tractor specifications and terrain conditions, a high lift hydraulics equipped unit might not be required; however, in many circumstances it will save time and operator sanity. Each job site can have individual specifications to consider. Often, these will make mover selection more straightforward.

Find Trustworthy Resources

In the end, finding a reputable and reliable salesperson for equipment can be a godsend. Once you fill them in the details of a given job, they can offer sound advice about options to pursue.