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How a Turf Seeder Can Be Used To Plant Grass Seeds Consistently

In order to establish turf, the most commonly used method is to start a new lawn from seed. Crucial elements that will play a role in the new lawn growing successfully include adequate moisture, the right ground temperature, consistent depth, and seed layout. It is usually best to start a new lawn right before the time that grass will have its most vigorous growth. In some places, it is possible to seed a new lawn at any time of the year.

A turf seeder can be used to embed the seeds in the soil. The benefit of using this machine is that the seeds will be planted at the appropriate depth. It is also possible to plant the seeds manually. The soil can be turned and then seeds can be dropped in. In order to do the job manually, you will need a shovel and a strong back. The downside of planting the seeds manually is that there may be weak or bare spots because the seeds have not been planted consistently. This is why using a seeder can be beneficial.

Over seeding is a good option that can be used where turf is weak or bare. This is especially helpful in areas where there is a lot of traffic or during droughts.

A turf seeder is easy to operate. The owner’s manual will tell you how the machine works and how it should be cared for. Look at the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing your own machine or renting one before making a final decision.