Designing an Effective Sprinkler System for Your Building’s Interior

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Fire and Security

As the owner of a large commercial building, you are responsible for keeping it safe and intact. You must be ready to meet challenges like fires head on and quell them before they can do significant damage.

While your first plan of action involves calling 911 and alerting the fire department, you also need to invest in a sprinkler system that will activate to put out the blaze quickly. By working with a business that specializes in sprinkler design services around NJ, you can help create a system that will be an asset to the integrity and safety of your building.

Considering the Square Feet of Space

When you work with a business that offers sprinkler design services around NJ, you first must consider the size of your building. You need the system to cover the entirety of the space found inside of the structure. You do not want to leave a single area unprotected by the sprinkler system.

The designing service can measure the size of your building to find out how much space with which you must work. It can then create a sprinkler system that will stretch throughout the entirety of the place while putting out fires of all sizes.

Determining the Sprinkler Sensitivity

You also want to consider how sensitive that you want your sprinkler system to be. You may want it to activate immediately after it detects the presence of smoke. You also could want it to wait to go off until the flames reach a certain height.

The designers can program the system to be as sensitive as you would prefer it. It will work according to your specifications so that you can have peace of mind.

Sprinkler systems are invaluable to have on commercial properties. You can work with a design team to create your ideal system.

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