3 Reasons Why Farmers in the United States Use Turf Aerification Equipment

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Industry

Having a lawn that’s in optimal shape sometimes takes a lot of work. If you want to have an easier time caring for your lawn, it might be time to learn more about aerification. With that in mind, here are three beneficial reasons to start aerating your turf.

Removes Puddles From Your Lawn

Crops need to receive adequate amounts of water. With that said, too much water can cause puddles to form around your crops. If left untreated, this might cause your crops and plants to die at a rapid rate. By aerating your turf, you can remove these puddles and start distributing water evenly around your land.

Takes Care of Soil Compaction Problems

For plants and crops to grow, they need soil that’s not too compacted. Having compacted soil makes it nearly impossible for the roots of your crops to get the air circulation they need. With turf aerification equipment, you won’t have to worry about compacted soil causing dead spots on your land.

Getting Rid of Excess Thatch

Most people who work on a farm know about thatch. If you don’t know about this material, thatch is a layer of matter that is beginning to decompose. Having thatch on your lawn isn’t a bad thing. In small amounts, thatch is beneficial for the health of your soil. However, too much thatch can block your crops from receiving enough air, sunlight, and water. By using turf aerification equipment to aerate your lawn, you’ll break up these thick layers of thatch.

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