How to Make Your Airport Parking Experience Safe and Seamless

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Parking

While flying offers a great way to get to your destination in a fraction of the time it takes to drive, actually making it to your flight can be quite stressful. When you factor in airport parking in Jacksonville, FL, security lines, and finding your seat on the plane, it can all be a little overwhelming. To help make your journey to your plane less stressful, then, it’s important to start it off on the right note. Follow these tips for a safe and seamless airport parking experience.

Hide Any Valuables

Though most airport parking lots are fairly secure, it’s still crucial that you hide any valuables while you’re away. The best option is to place any valuables in a locked trunk. If your vehicle doesn’t have a trunk, though, you can place items underneath a seat or in a glove box to hide them from view. Ideally, you’ll want to limit the valuables you leave in your vehicle while taking advantage of airport parking in Jacksonville, FL. Along these lines, work hard to plan in advance so your most precious items can be left at home.

Consider Off-Site Parking

Though parking on airport property can seem like the most convenient option given its proximity to the airport, off-site parking can, in many cases, offer a better solution. Off-site lots tend to cost less than on-property parking. What’s more, they tend to be more secure and also tend to have more frequent shuttle options, meaning you may be able to arrive at the terminal more quickly than with on-property parking.

Take a Picture

While it’s a good idea to commit to memory any nearby landmarks to help you find your parking space when you return, taking a picture of the area around your vehicle serves as an even more effective reminder. Put your vehicle in-frame along with any nearby light posts that have guide signs attached to them. If no light poles are available, you can take a picture of the surrounding scenery so you can ensure you’re pointed in the correct direction when you’re searching for your vehicle.

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