Is Polycarbonate Sheet The Right Material?

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Industrial Equipment

There are many different types of plastics to consider when making any type of product display case, stand, point-of-sale rack, or shelving unit. One of the most popular for a transparent, bright, and open design is polycarbonate sheet in California, also known as PC sheet.

The Benefits of PC

Many California businesses choose PC sheet for displays. It is highly impact-resistant and very dimensionally stable, which means it will stand up to wear and tear in high traffic areas or for rugged displays for larger products. One of the reasons it is so popular throughout California is the level of clarity and transparency offered by this plastic.

Unlike some other “clear” plastics that tend to be slightly cloudy or hazy at greater thicknesses, polycarbonate sheet offers high light transmission through the material that is superior to some types of glass. One advantage to the use of this material is its natural ability to filter UV light, which is beneficial for storefront or outdoor displays.

While most sheet comes in clear form, it is also available in multi-wall, corrugated and mirrored options, providing different looks and styles.

The Use of PC

To demonstrate this product’s high transparency and durability, it is helpful to know that PC is used in eyeglass lenses, vision protection glasses, automotive components, and medical devices. Most digital disks are made of a special formulation of polycarbonate.

The choice of polycarbonate sheet allows for CNC machining and precision production of components for the display. In addition, it is sold in rod and tube forms and as a film, which is ideal for a variety of products.

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