Modern Art Framing: What To Consider

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Art Supply Store

Most artists don’t like to frame their work; they may feel that it changes the desired effect or worry that people won’t buy it because they don’t like the frame. Therefore, you’re likely to have some artwork without frames and may wonder about modern art framing. It’s a good idea to get the piece framed to protect it. For example, dust and dirt accumulate in the home and can get on the artwork and change its colour over time. Moisture can also cause curling, discolouration, and other issues. Therefore, it’s best to choose a frame so that the item is safe and keeps its value.

Modern art framing is also essential for museums that house and show artwork. Whether you paid for the artwork or it was donated to you, it’s essential that you protect it from wear and tear. Many times, visitors feel the need to touch items, even if you display no-touching signs. It’s best to have glass between the visitors and the piece, and a frame helps you do that. Plus, you can choose a frame that offsets the artwork beautifully so that it enhances the appeal. That way, admirers are enthralled with the piece and can’t touch it and ruin it.

Amarisco offers many services to its customers, which includes modern art framing. The professional framers on staff can help you choose the most appropriate frame and other needs. They realise that you aren’t an expert or aren’t sure what you need, so they can walk you through the process and help you choose. Plus, you can ensure that you get the piece back as soon as possible with their short turnaround times. You never have to wait weeks or months to get your item back and start displaying it because most items can be framed and returned within a week.

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