Top Coolant Suppliers Offer Many Things for Your Machine Shop

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Business

A good machine shop can’t do much without coolants, and it’s important to have a trusted supplier. However, modern machine shops use a lot of tools and have many other needs besides coolants. The best coolant suppliers offer a lot of products and services for your needs, and this gives you many benefits.

A Variety of Coolants

When you use a reliable supplier, you can choose from many different coolant types. For example, you can buy self-emulsifying coolants that clean as they lubricate. Maybe you want a coolant designed for hard to work with materials, or you need a good all-purpose coolant. You can find all these options and more with the top coolant suppliers in the industry.

Carbide Cutting Tools

Do you use a lot of milling cutters in your shop? Your coolant source sells a wide range of carbide cutting tools and inserts. Tungsten carbide lasts much longer than steel and stays sharp for a long time. It’s perfect for stainless steel machining and saves you money on maintenance.

CNC and Lathe Machining Tools

Do you need tool holders? The best coolant suppliers have some of the finest tool holders in the business. Perhaps you want something better than standard three-jaw chucks. You supplier can give you top quality collet chucks which are lightweight and let you change tools quickly.

Sell Your Scarp Carbide

What happens after your carbide cutting tools serve their purposes? You could simply throw them away, but a good coolant source offers carbide recycling services. Instead of paying for disposal services, you can get cash back for your carbide inserts, burrs, reamers, and drills. This gives you a return on your original tool investment.


Your coolant source also carries quality-made toolboxes for the shop. They have many options that allow you to customize your toolbox or cabinet.

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