What You Can Learn at the Christian Education Leadership Academy

by | May 3, 2016 | Business

The Christian faith dates back over two thousand years, and the Jewish faith that preceded it dates back almost five thousand years. There is much to learn about the two different faiths. Attending church is a great way to connect with a community of believers and learn a lot about the Bible and the faith. However, it’s not the best way to learn the complicated arguments for and against Christianity. If you intend to be a minister or just want to deepen your faith, you need to learn the arguments for and against the faith. Learning the arguments for the faith will help you defend it and minister to others. Learning the arguments against it will teach you what you’re up against, as well as hopefully strengthen your faith by knocking down the best arguments.

Learning the Arguments for Christianity

When you attend the Christian Education Leadership Academy, you’ll learn the arguments that evangelists use when they minister to others. These are the spiritual, theological, and historical arguments designed to convince others that the faith described in the Bible is the one true faith. These arguments are designed to strengthen the faith of believers and to convert unbelievers. They have been developed over years by talented and knowledgeable theologians.

Learning the Arguments Against Christianity

At the Christian Education Leadership Academy, you’ll also learn about the arguments that people use to discredit and disprove Christianity. These arguments are important for Christians to learn and understand. Knowing how others will attempt to discredit you will make you better prepared to minister to others. Also, by addressing and dismantling the arguments against Christianity, you will be able to deepen your own faith. It’s a great way to become a stronger Christian and a better minister.

The Christian Education Leadership Academy is a great way to become the best possible minister and evangelist.

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