Why Matchmakers Are More Effective Than Traditional Online Dating

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Matchmaking

In this highly digital era, most of us have tried online dating. While the internet is full of stories of happily married couples who met while dating online, most of us have a hard time believing that one can find love on these websites based on our own horrific experiences.

You’re not alone if you hate online dating. Many experts now believe that we’re sacrificing real love for the convenience of online dating. Don’t believe the next article you read about the “11 Best Dating Sites for Professionals.” Instead, keep reading to discover why matchmakers are more effective than dating apps and websites.

Work With Someone Who’ll Get To Know The Real You

A matchmaker doesn’t just create a quick profile for you and then pair you up with random potential partners. Instead, they truly get to know the real you, flaws and all. A matchmaker then takes the information that they’ve learned about you and uses it to decide who in their client list would be an ideal match. A matchmaker will talk to you and you can open about your apprehensions and desires. Considering how stressful dating can be, it’s nice to have an ally who helps you as you navigate the process.

Quit Wasting Time

Those “11 Best Dating Sites for Professionals” might make big promises, but anyone who’s played the online dating game knows that you always end up wasting a lot of time on bad dates with people you can’t stomach. Since a matchmaker is actively working to pair you with someone you’ll like, you won’t have to endure a bunch of awful dates as you attempt to find love.

Dating shouldn’t be a miserable experience. If you want to waste less time and finally find your perfect match, trade those dating apps for a matchmaker.

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