Why Should Your Operation Invest in a Rotary Indexing Machine in Aurora, IL?

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Industrial Equipment Supplier

Is your operation considering adding a rotary indexing machine in Aurora, IL? Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

Increased Throughput

How much can your production machines put out in a single day? If you are using today’s best rotary machinery, this answer will undoubtedly be higher than it would be with traditional machinery. This is because the shape and design of these machines allow for the simultaneous production of multiple types of products, all without taking up additional space. Your operation’s output will see a major improvement – and that is the one benefit most business owners are most concerned with.

Improved Accuracy and Precision

While increased output is important, ensuring those products are produced accurately is just as crucial. Increased levels of precision are inherent to modern rotary indexing machines, as they focus on accurate production as well as faster rates. This also improves the scalability of your operation, as high rates of precision mean you do not have to worry about quality decreasing as your production levels rise.

Cost Savings

Many elements go into your company’s cost per unit. These factors include throughput rate, material costs, waste or damage rates, cycling times, and much more. One of the greatest advantages of using a rotary indexing machine is that many of these factors are significantly reduced or improved. This means that while your machine may incur an upfront investment, you stand to see some significant cost savings over time!

Space Optimization

One of the less obvious benefits of rotary indexing machines in Aurora, IL, is space optimization. Traditional production lines can take up far too much space, leaving large areas of wasted square footage. With the compact footprint of a rotary indexing machine, you can use more of the space in your facility, turning more square footage into a productive, money-making asset. Minimize handling and transit times between stations and further increase productivity within a small area with the rotary design – and unlock almost limitless productivity and profit!

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