You are Thinking about Solar Energy for your Home in Fort Myers, Florida

by | May 16, 2024 | Solar energy contractor

An interesting thing is happening in the neighborhood where you live in Fort Myers, Florida. Everywhere you look, each house has been fitted with solar electric Ft Myers. It seems like every other house has upgraded their home with solar electric Ft Myers.

You decide to talk with some of your neighbors about their experience with installing solar power and see if, by doing so, they saved money. Just about every neighbor has used the same company for installation and they all are happy with the results.

Since you don’t know enough about the whole solar powered experience, you decide to do some research online to help you determine if solar power is right for you. You learn that letting the sun’s rays heat and cool your house and replacing regular gas and or electricity makes a great deal of sense.

You also learn that many companies which install solar power also help the homeowner with financing the project. They also work to support the panels after installation with inspection and repair, as necessary.

You want to hire a company that is familiar with your area, and which has been in business for decades. You also want excellent customer service and only the best quality products. You want the staff who work at your house to be OSHA trained and certified.

The same company’s name keeps coming up when you discuss your project with your neighbors. They all have the same opinion. The company you need to call is Advance Solar and Energy. You can reach them through their website.

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