You Should Protect Your Work When Making Movies In New York

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Business

Whether you are a filmmaker or someone who sells movies, it is important that you protect your work from being copied. Not protecting your work can cost you thousands if not millions of dollars, and this doesn’t even include court fees should you decide to sue someone for stealing your product. The best way to protect your work would be through copy protected DVD services, but you must choose a reliable service and not any old software that you find at your local chain store. An example of a company providing these services is Chromavision.

Chromavision offers copy protected DVD services at a very low cost. What this company does is insert certain software into a disk, and this software can only be read by DVD and Blu-ray players. If a person tries to copy the content onto another disk or even download the content, the software placed on the disk will not allow it to happen. Chromavision also has a department that keeps their eyes open for material that has been copy-protected from Chromavision and is now unlocked. If Chromavision finds this out, they will contact the authorities at once and have the individual responsible prosecuted to the furthest extent.

After a company uses Chromavision, any future projects they have will be done by Chromavision at a discounted rate, and Chromavision also offers a discounted rate for individuals getting multiple DVD’s copy-protected on the same service date. If you have DVD material that needs to be copy-protected, you can contact Chromavision today by visiting online.

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