3 Criteria for Choosing a Piston Filler for Your Factory Line

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Plumbing

Pressing low- to high-viscosity materials into a container is a job for a piston filler. Because there are several brands and models on the market, it is important to set some benchmarks for choosing the right one for you. Here are three criteria for selecting the best model.

Containers Come in All Sizes

A container for cosmetics is different than one for beverages. Chemical containers have different properties and sizes than some food containers. Piston filling machines should be able to accept a broad range of volumes. Whether this is through a variety of replaceable cylinders or versatile parts is a decision driven by your own requirements. Will your line fill a wide variety of containers each day, or will requirements change on a longer scale? Know your needs and satisfy them with your equipment choice.

Flexibility in Operation

Good piston filling machines are also capable of flexible performance. Whether your needs will require manual or automated operation, the machine you choose should be able to handle either with a minimum of difficulty. A machine that workers can learn to use in a short amount of time is best.

Rugged Builds Perform Longer

A unit incorporating lightweight plastic pieces will not last half as long as one built from rugged materials. Finding a unit built from stainless steel is probably your best option. Stainless steel has outstanding durability as well as great resistance to corrosion, rust and pitting. Finding a unit that meets any standards for the materials you will be filling is also valuable.

Identifying the right piston filling machine for your needs is a delicate process. However, when you have found the right equipment, it can be a godsend for your production line. These three criteria should provide you with a baseline for identifying the perfect machine for your needs.

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