3 Reasons to Choose Insert Injection Molding for Your Products

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Plastic Injection Molding Service

Injection molding of plastic products and parts has been around for a while and is used successfully by many industries on a regular basis. The specific process of insert molding is one that offers benefits beyond basic injection molding. You can now easily combine metals and plastics into a durable design that can outlast many items made of metal alone.

Less Wear and Tear on Products

Inserting a product made of metal into a protective coating of plastic is a smart way of offering a protective coating from weather and wear. It’s a method used to help ensure your products last longer and stay in better shape over time. Everything from metal cords and rods to complete batteries can be used as inserts in injection molding. Consider the benefits to your product or parts line. It might be one way of offering your customers longer use.

Decrease Weight of a Product

Adding metal threads into a primarily plastic screw is one way to drastically reduce the weight if it requires a ton of screws. Being able to combine plastic with metals through insert injection molding offers immediate results in reducing how much any product weighs. Discuss the possibilities with plastics engineering specialists and see if this is an option for your products or parts.

Enhance Product Flexibility

Plastic is a more forgiving and flexible material than metal. Placing metals inside plastic through the insert molding process will automatically give you added flexibility. It’s perfect for giving items a little more give when it’s needed. It can be an easy solution for parts that allow you to fit for multiple items.

The plastics experts at Vision Plastics Inc are ready to help you design and create the perfect injection molding projects.

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