3 ways link building changed over the past ten years

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Business

Although white-hat methods done by our Website Design in Santa Cruz experts have changed over time, building links remains amongst the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Take a look at the following 3 ways building links has changed in ten years:

Guest posting has become the gold standard of link building

The process of creating an article and having it published on an outside publication, known as guest posting, came to be the “gold standard” of building links. Because the concentration is on developing quality content to reach a fresh audience, it has more value than just search engine optimization value. There virtually isn’t any risk of penalty, and it isn’t so intensive or complicated that its effort outweighs its reward.

Content standards increased

This is not to say that anybody might contribute as a guest anyplace they want. Guest posting’s popularity has had an additional effect on Internet communities: Because of increasing awareness and competition of the value of building links, many major publishers significantly have boosted their content standards from exterior contributors.

It means it is a lot more difficult to land opportunities for guest posting, necessitating building actual relationships with webmasters and editors, and it is more challenging to generate high enough quality content for these publications.

Links from press releases are worthless

According to our Website Design experts in Santa Cruz, press releases once were a popular method for building links. News sources were high in authority, and so long as you had a topic that was newsworthy, it was pretty simple to get yourself a featured link by creating and submitting a press release via a major press release distribution hub.

But, because of the increase in popularity of the tactic, Google significantly has downgraded the authoritative power of press release links.

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