5 Major Steps in Choosing a Funeral Home in Brownstown

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Cremation Service

Preparation is key. If a loved one is near death, choose a funeral home in advance. Take care of that detail, so when the time comes, your family can focus on coping with the loss and grief.

Start With the Budget.

Before choosing a funeral home in Brownstown, talk to your family. Agree on the budget. If your loved one is still mentally and physically capable, consider making them a part of the process. This collaborative process can help your family and loved ones understand what’s coming. It can also give you all the time you need to spend with your ailing family member.

Talk to Your Loved One.

If a conversation with your loved one is possible, ask them what they want for the final service. Do they want to be buried or cremated? More individuals and families now choose cremation.

Know Your Rights.

Only choose a funeral home in Brownstown once you know and understand your rights. Get a quote over the phone, ask for a written itemized price list when you visit the funeral home, and ask for a container instead of a casket if your loved one wants cremation. You can also tell the funeral home to skip the embalming process if you think it’s not necessary.

Consider your priorities.

Will you choose a funeral home that’s close to your house, the church, or the cemetery? Many prefer one that’s near the cemetery, so transferring the remains will be easier later. Saving fifteen minutes on the drive home doesn’t sound like a considerable cost-saving, not if you’re only choosing a funeral home that’s close to your house. Consider the convenience of picking one near the cemetery instead.

Visit the funeral home.

What does the funeral home look like? Did you see any families holding funerals during your visit? That gives you a sense of the experience if you choose that home.

If you find yourself confused or needing assistance, reach out to the staff at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery. They have the resources to help you and a deep understanding of exactly what you are dealing with.

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