Get Quality Irish Cheese from Horgans | The Best Cheese You’ll Ever Taste

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Foods

Cheese lovers can’t get enough of the “Irish” version. Even though it seems similar to others, Irish cheese offers a huge difference that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Horgans has been serving the Irish community for years, offering unmatched freshness and quality in all its products. If you’re thinking of trying out a delicious and unique type of cheese, you can’t go wrong with this one.

What Makes Irish Cheese Different?

Irish cheese has been around for over a thousand years. However, it made a huge comeback in the 70s. It seems like a young industry compared to others, but it’s becoming more popular.

Ireland is currently one of the top cheese exporters worldwide. Why is that? The country has naturally rich and lush pastures. They give the cheese a higher beta-carotene level, causing a natural yellow colour that many people love.

Colour isn’t the only difference, though. Since Ireland also has a long grass-growing season, you can expect the cheese to be flavourful.

In 2018, Irish cheeses won a total of 14 awards at the UK Artisan Cheese Awards. There’s no doubt that they’re one of the top-rated options for people today!

What’s the Best Pairing for Irish Cheese?

Our Irish cheese is known for having the right balance between quality and flavour. You can pair your cheese with:

  • Roasted nuts
  • Fresh apples
  • Crackers

Even if you don’t want to eat anything, Irish cheese pairs perfectly with IPA beer. Sit back, and enjoy the unique flavour that you can only find with Horgans.

Irish cheese already tastes great on its own. However, you can make it even better by pairing it with something you like.

With Horgans Delicatessen Supplies, you get the liberty to choose how you want to eat. As an established retailer for several decades, you can rest assured that each of our products is perfect for any occasion.

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