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6 Questions to Ask Before Having Solar Panels Installed

Solar energy can seem like a good investment. However, it does come with a few challenges. You’ll want to know as much as you can before you own one. Here are some questions to help you out:

Who’s going to do the installation?

Picking the right installer matters. You’ll want someone qualified and licensed as well as trustworthy for the job, says the Department of Energy.

What kind of panels will they use?

There are different solar panels out there. Ask your installer to explain why it’s the best one for your home and roof. If they can’t provide you with good reasons, that’s a sign that you’ll be better off going elsewhere.

How much is the cost?

Installing solar panels will come at a lot of costs. However, the savings you get will more than make up for it in the long run. If you’re after slashing your electricity bills and getting long-term cost-savings, this is a sound plan to go for.

When will the cost-savings start?

It you go for solar panel installations, that’s going to net you long-term savings. Other options allow for cost-savings from Day 1. Depending on the system you pick, you could see a difference in your bills right away or in the long run.

How big is it?

You’ll want to match the system to your roof or home size. Don’t go with a system that might not be big enough to support your home. That’s only going to mean more problems in the future.

How will I maintain those panels?

Hire a reliable solar service and repair company to handle this for you. Put in calls for regular maintenance checks. With the help of a trained and professional solar service and repair team, you can make those solar panels last much, much longer. Like us on facebook