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The Advantages Of Timber Sash Windows

While PVC tends to be all the rage right now because they’re cost-effective, require less maintenance, and don’t rot or need to be painted, many homeowners just don’t like how they look when compared to timber sash windows. They’ve been used for many decades, which means they must have something that the other options just can’t achieve. For one, they are made with environmentally-friendly materials. Wood is highly durable, attractive, and plentiful. If you choose the wood from a green company, they’re likely to plant new trees whenever they cut down old ones, ensuring continuity and the safety of the planet.

Timber sash windows also have a unique pattern because each piece of wood is slightly different, even if they come from the same tree or region. Along with such, if you fully treat the wood, you aren’t likely to have any problems for up to 30 years, and many people choose fully-treated wood because it’s safer and usually doesn’t cost extra. Of course, if repairs are needed, they’re easy to do, and the maintenance isn’t that difficult, though you may want to hire a professional to maintain the wood windows because they’re experts and have all the tools and materials necessary.

At The Window Sanctuary, they understand that with all the window options available, it’s hard to pick one. Sashes are an excellent and traditional choice, and wood is always superior to other materials, which means most homeowners prefer timber sash windows above all others. You’ll find that all their products are high-quality and emphasise security and safety. You can also talk to them about composite and aluminium materials and learn why wood is an excellent choice. Plus, they can offer advice on colours, styles, and much more. You’re their top priority, so they make it a point to listen to you and give direction where necessary.