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An Easy Housing Solution-Short Term Rentals in San Diego

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you wind up in between housing situations, short term rentals in San Diego can be just the solution to bridge the gap. There are many situations where you may find yourself in a position where you are left with only a handful of choices for housing and none of them are that appealing. Short term housing can be the answer you have been searching for.

When Do You Need Short Term Rentals?

There are many situations that arise where a short term rental can easily help you to keep stress at bay. Some times that you may consider a short term arrangement include:

  • Corporate relocation
  • Military training
  • Renovating your permanent home
  • Temporary duty in the area

Sometimes the job offer is just too good to put off and you have to show up right away. A temporary housing situation will allow you to get your ducks in a row while you look for more permanent housing.

Military Training/TDY Orders

When you have to spend a couple of months in training, you certainly do not want to uproot your home back home but you also do not want to be stuck on base 24/7. A short term rental will work out nicely. You get to go home every night but you do not have to worry about making a long commitment that you cannot keep.

Renovation/Refurbishing and Remodeling

Reno’s and remodeling can be a mess. If you are in a situation where your home is being renovated and you still have to get to work every day, having a temporary home base is a great solution! No mess, no fuss!

Temporary Duty

Corporate or military? Sometimes you have to be in the area for either. Temporary housing options are best! Foxwood Apartments offers great terms!