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An Overview Of Using Sympathetic Injections For Pain Management

One of the roles of the sympathetic nervous system in the body is to carry signals of pain from the extremities of the body to the spinal cord and up to the brain. This same network of sympathetic nerves also aids in controlling a range of other body functions, including regulating temperature, managing blood pressure, and controlling blood flow.

Determining if the pain is in the sympathetic nerves or in other parts of the body is the first step in creating an effective treatment plan. Using sympathetic injections, also called sympathetic block injections, a doctor at a pain management in Fort Washington MD can pinpoint just where to inject a steroid or other medication to block the pain messages and relieve the pain.

Effective Pain Management

While sympathetic injections are used to diagnose the cause of the pain, they can also be highly effective as a treatment option. These injections are often used to treat pain due to blood flow issues or pain in the body’s organs and thoracic area.

Sympathetic injections are also commonly used as a form of pain management for neuropathy pain. As this can be extremely debilitating for people with diabetes and other diseases, these injections can provide long-term relief that helps people continue to enjoy life, get out more, and avoid the need for prescription pain medications or invasive surgical procedures.

In and around the Fort Washington MD area, the Synergy Spine And Pain Center offers various pain treatment and management options. Seeing a pain specialist is the first step in determining in sympathetic injections are the right option for your chronic pain.