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Aww, Good Boy; Hire the Pros for Puppy Obedience Training in Menifee, CA

Every pup out there is unique and lovable, and sometimes, exhibits bad puppy behavior. That can mean chewing, nipping, excessive barking and a variety of other things dogs do that can become annoying or aggressive, etc. It’s time to rein in your dog, get back in control as an owner, and let the experts use their skills to put your pup on the right track with the perfect amount of obedience.

Personalized Pup Training

As a proud dog owner, it can be frustrating as you try to bond with your pup but also to teach them discipline, good social behavior and to obey your commands. Not every owner can succeed because it takes a lot of patience, commitment and knowledge to properly instruct these amazing, four-legged companions. That’s where the certified and highly skilled dog trainers come in. These professionals bring experience, compassion and positive, effective, non-violent methods to the table. Every dog of every breed is seen as an individual, and the training is tailored to the dog owner’s goals.

Just 14 Days for Results

When you choose the right academy for Puppy Obedience Training in Menifee, CA, you’ll find that these experts can handle any kind of pooch problem. You can go with a “day train program” and drop off your pup in the AM, and then, bring your dog home for the evening. You’ll learn the new commands to reinforce them at home. You could also select the “board and train program,” where your pup lives at the facility for 14 days and goes home off-leash and obedient. Either way, your pup graduates at the head of the class.

An Incredible Transformation

You love your dog like a family member and want the very best for this beautiful, tail-wagging friend. Puppy Obedience Training in Menifee, CA is the ideal solution that delivers effective results. Book an appointment today no matter your dog’s breed or temperament. They’re in great, caring hands. Contact Epic Dog Academy LLC at They have 2,500-plus happy clients and counting!