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Basic Information About Anti Wear Oil Additives

Anti wear oil additives are employed to improve or enhance a base oil. They are specifically formulated to decrease or eliminate potentially serious problems. Industries select them based on the ability to provide the type of protection required in certain applications.


If engines are employed to provide services and products, anti wear oil additives are essential. These, when combined with the appropriate base oil, coat an engine’s components. In doing so, it provides the surface and its parts with protection against wear.


These oil additives are heat-activated. When in contact with metal, the reaction produces a fine, lubricating film. This coats the engine surface as well as its components, therefore, improving engine lubrication.

The enhanced lubrication results in the following:

  1. Reduced friction among the metal components
  2. Prevention of the engine seizing
  3. Slow down the oxidation process
  4. Prevent corrosion

The specific results depend upon the type of anti-wear additive employed.


Commonly, anti wear oil additives contain one of three types of the phosphorus compound zinc dithiophosphate (ZDDP). There are also zinc replacements – formulations that do not contain ZDDP but remain phosphorus-based. Among them are: organic and acid phosphates. These continue to provide optimum lubrication but have the characteristic of being more environmentally friendly.

Anti Wear Oil Additives

Antiwear additives are combined with base oil to improve the ability of an engine to function longer. Decreasing friction and enhancing lubrication increase the service life of the engine. Adding anti-corrosive and other qualities further improves overall productivity and longevity.