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Benefits of Having Succulent Plants

Houseplants offer the easiest way of adding some greenery and personality to a home. However, the current trend of succulent potters and groupings may be our favorite since they don’t require too much attention. They can live through the harshness of various environments and are easy to maintain.

Besides looking beautiful and being seriously low maintenance, growing Cornish succulents from Cornwall comes with many other useful health benefits including:

  • Assist your breathing: During photosynthesis plants produce oxygen, but at night many plants respire, producing carbon dioxide. Cornish succulents and other plants, such as areca plants and orchids, continue releasing oxygen throughout the night. So, keeping these plants in your bedroom will refresh the air at night, resulting in a good night’s sleep.
  • Purifies the air: Succulents are perfect at removing toxins from the air and cleansing it. According to NASA, these plants can remove up to 87 % of volatile organic compounds. The plants are helpful in study places and libraries since the volatile organic compounds are found in rugs, books, grocery bags, ink, and cigarette smoke.
  • Help you concentrate: Some studies of workers and students found that brain capacity, focus, and attentiveness can improve when working or studying with succulent plants in the environment.
  • They aid in quick recovery: Succulent plants contribute to lessening flu-like symptoms, coughs, and fever. Research conducted by the Kansas State University hospital indicated that patients with plants beside their beds needed fewer pain relievers and had lower blood pressure and heart rate. They also experience less anxiety and fatigue.
  • Improves the humidity of a home: Since plants release water, they can improve the humidity of your home. In return, increased moisture solves issues like dry cough, common cold, sore throat, and dry or itchy skin.

Two things every person shouldn’t lack are a library and a garden. As the library feeds your mind, nature will feed your soul. So, bring part of nature into your house by buying easy-to-maintain succulent plants. Buy one such from Plants of Cornwall and make your garden look more beautiful.