Benefits of Home Security Systems in Greensboro, GA

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Business

Home security systems in Greensboro, GA, provide homeowners with peace of mind and safety for their loved ones and valuables. Even though property crime has decreased, there is still a natural instinct to defend what we value, regardless of statistics. Today, home security systems may also serve as a hub for home automation systems, adding convenience and energy savings while lowering costs.

Deter Thieves

Visible evidence of an alarm system, including stickers, yard signs, and exterior security camera systems for video monitoring, are proven deterrents to thieves who are frequently motivated by opportunity. Research shows that around 60% of thieves planned their break-in for less than 24 hours before trying it. Furthermore, 83% searched first for indicators of an alarm, and more than half stated they would give up if they found one.

Better Home Protection

Home security systems in Greensboro, GA, try to safeguard your property and those inside it against burglary, home invasion, fire, and other disasters such as broken pipes. Professional monitoring services may assist you whether you are aware of the condition or not, and they can also help you in the event of a medical emergency.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many home insurance companies will give you a 5% to 20% reduction on your policy if you install a professionally monitored security system. The highest discounts are generally reserved for systems that fully integrate environmental monitoring in addition to intrusion monitoring to identify fire, smoke, and water damage.

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