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Call a Professional for Rat Control in Minneapolis

Rats are some of the most dangerous rodents to have in a home. They destroy property, carry fleas and ticks into the home, terrorize small pets, and spread diseases that pose a serious threat to human health. They often form colonies in attics, behind walls, under porches, and in other extremely hard-to-reach spots. One unwanted rodent visitor can very quickly turn into a full-blown infestation if left unchecked. Female rats typically produce between four and seven litters each year, with between eight and twelve pups in each litter. For those who are more interested in practical solutions than math equations, that means each female rat of breeding age can produce anywhere between 32 and 84 new rats annually.

Because they are instinctively wary of new things being introduced into their environment, common mouse control measures such as bait and traps are often ineffective. The best way of dealing with a rat infestation is to call a professional rodent exterminator for Rat Control in Minneapolis. A trained technician can evaluate the extent of the problem and choose between more effective industrial grade traps, repellents, and smoke bombs among other means of removal.

Aside from increased efficiency, calling an exterminator comes with the added benefit of professional advice regarding the prevention of future infestations. Common prevention strategies involve removing the rodents’ food sources by keeping all foods intended for human or pet consumption sealed in metal or glass containers, keeping all areas free of food crumbs and other edible garbage, and removing materials like cardboard that could be utilized for making dens. Adequate food storage is extremely important not only for the purposes of Rat Control in Minneapolis but also for preventing contamination and the spread of disease.

It is also essential that homeowners seal off any holes providing easy entrance to the home. Rats can fit through remarkably small holes, which can easily be overlooked by the average homeowner who is unfamiliar with their physiology. Get more information about local exterminators who can take care of any rodent infestation safely and efficiently, and help to prevent the colony from making another unwanted appearance.