Choosing the Right Art Gallery for You

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Arts and Recreation

When it comes to gaining exposure and showing off your art, one of the best ways is to have your work featured in an art gallery. This is not always easy as the gallery has a reputation to uphold and will not hesitate to refuse to feature your art if they do not believe it is right for their particular gallery. With that in mind, you should be just as selective of the gallery you choose, as they are of the art they choose to feature. So, what should you look for?

Price Range

This is a big one. You will want to find out what price range a gallery works in before you even consider working with them. If a gallery focuses on multi-million dollar pieces, chances are a budding artist is going to have a difficult time being featured. On the other hand, if the gallery’s target price point is too low, you may be featured, but lose a sale based on the price of the piece being above what is expected from that gallery.

Art Styles

Make sure that the gallery you choose represents your style of art. You will not have much luck if the gallery focuses exclusively on paintings, but you are a sculptor. Researching the styles of art ahead of time will save you time and effort in dealing with art galleries that are not going to be a good match for you anyway and can help you avoid a good deal of frustration.

When looking for art galleries in Chicago to feature your art, do not be so quick to jump on the first one to offer to feature your art. While the prospect of getting seen may seem worth it, working with the wrong gallery can negatively affect your reputation and harm your future prospects, so be sure you pick the one that is right for you.

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